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About Voulez Vous

Lana Thomas

Lana Thomas

Your Photographer

"Hello Lovely, I’m your photographer for elegant & sophisticated boudoir portraits. I’ve been in the photography business for over 20 years with the belief that we women owe it to ourselves to celebrate our body at every stage of life. In 2010, I opened Voulez Vous Boudoir Studio to give women a safe space for a transformational portrait experience. Boudoir has the power to build confidence, promote self-love, and help women embrace their unique journey. I have seen it in my clients and experienced it for myself (yes, I pose for the camera too)! I can assure you that the Voulez Vous Experience is designed with care to provide a positive & elegant brave space for you."

Samantha Hathaway

Samantha Hathaway

Marketing assistant

"Hi there! I’m Voulez Vous’ in-house marketing assistant. I help Voulez Vous connect with people through branded digital content. I’m a photographer, myself, and also assist Lana on photoshoots. I run a creative content business outside of Voulez Vous providing photography, branded content, and web design services for freelancers & businesses. Voulez Vous provides a transformational experience for so many women and I’m happy to be here, inspiring others to connect with their brightest self through the Voulez Vous community. "

The Studio

Before and After

Voulez Vous Before and After 1
Voulez Vous Before and After 2

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The Voulez Vous Boudoir Society is a private group on Facebook celebrating your journey to self-love. Women in the society share their daily stories, life hacks, and creative projects to keep each other inspired and growing towards the women we truly wish to be. Members of the Voulez Vous Boudoir Society enjoy special offers, exclusive Voulez Vous content, and a supportive sisterhood. Head on over and begin your journey!

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