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Libbie came to Voulez Vous on an especially inspiring journey to self-love. She has lost over 150 pounds and wanted to document her transformation through a healing, celebratory photoshoot experience. The photos we created serve as a true reminder of how far she's come...
May 6, 2021
I grew up in a poor home, raised for the most part by my single mother. The church sponsored my sisters and I to attend a private religious school where we were expected to dress up for class every single day.My schools' standard of what looked 'presentable' wound up shaping my own standards for dressing in every-day life. I loved the way I felt when I dressed up for the day versus how I felt when I did not.I felt more confident, prepared, and motivated. Over the years, I've continued this tradition of dressing up, no matter the day. Especially on days when I'm not feeling my best.
April 9, 2021
Recently, I was rummaging through old files when I came across an article I saved in 2019 titled, "Come As You Are." I remembered saving this gem because it spoke me, as I'm sure it did many others, of the heavy burden of unrealistic beauty standards we women carry around. We hear new outlooks on body positivity all the time, but what stood out to me in this message wasn't the typical 'love yourself' mantra, it was the idea that we are actually losing time and productive energy to worrying about the way we look. This is time and precious energy spent loathing the bodies that serve us. These are not hours men accommodate for in their daily life. Why should we? So I wrote a list for you— A list of ways you can snap out of negative self-talk and tap into a more fulfilled and fired up energy to spend on making memories and impact where it actually matters most to you.
April 2, 2021
Constance shares her journey of vision, drive, and endurance in her own words this week in the diary. "When I was growing up I wanted to be a Marine. Once I got to college I signed up and went to US Marine Corps Officer Candidate School later turning down my commission in the military to study abroad in Estonia and Russia...
March 13, 2021

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