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Calm Confidence

January 7, 2021

The first thing I noticed about Leslie was her soft, peaceful voice. She had a calm and confident demeanor. You can't help but be drawn to a person like that.Leslie came to me with a clear vision for her photoshoot. She had a lot of ideas, but her conviction and enthusiasm sparked my inspiration and we managed to do it all - Paint splattering, feathers, floral headdresses, abstract strip lighting, neon gel lighting and more. Ask and you shall receive, as I always say!Leslie's presence reminded me that sometimes the most attractive thing you can be is compassionate and self-assured.Meeting someone so calm and confident prompted me to ask, "What are we scared of? So what of our insecurities. Who does it matter to anyway?"We get so caught up in how others physically see us that we forget- it's how we make people feel that draws them in. The people who love you will always love you, whether you've gained a few pounds, wrinkles, or whatever else you feel insecure about at times.So what are you scared of? Embrace the thing that makes you shine and flaunt it with calm, radiant confidence!

Read about what the photoshoot meant to Leslie below!

"I look at this shoot as a graceful acknowledgment to myself. Yes, this is a birthday present for my husband, but it is also gift for myself. A gift to explore, express, embody, and magnify the beauty that I contain and that I am. It’s time to see myself the way my husband does and have a newfound love for myself!

Like others, I have my hesitations and feel I lack femininity. Some ladies I know make being a woman look effortless. With the fashion sense of a 12 yo boy, I feel I can never fully unlock that level of womanhood. I have passion, creativity and sensuality, but have not had the resources or direction to fully capture that. I catch rare glimpses, but it is hard to see myself as feminine. It’s time to the feminine mystique loose!

I am not one to be center of attention. Compliments are hard for me and I never truly embrace them the way I should. When complimented I send a shyly “Thank you”, sarcastic eye roll, weak smile, or send a compliment back to deflect attention from myself. It’s time to revel in the compliments!

To love yourself fully is quite the task. These moments and experiences take us out of our comfort zone to exude and amplify our true light. Every woman needs to know that they shine! It’s my time to shine!" — Leslie

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