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Let's Get Away

April 12, 2023

The sun was shining with scattered clouds, there was a coolness in the air, and the car was loaded with props and wardrobe options from the Voulez Vous Boudoir studio. 9:30 am; we headed towards Arkansas for Beaver Lake. No destination in mind, but to just go and see what spots inspire us. It was a two and a half hour ride, so Sarah & I had time to visit and get to know each other better. This is always beneficial because it really does help clients relax and feel comfortable once in front of the camera.

A beautiful woman standing in sunlight

We arrived at Hobbs State Park. If you have ever had a photoshoot with Voulez Vous Boudoir on a destination shoot, you know how I roll; snacks and champagne are loaded up, drive until you see the perfect spot, change in the car, jump out, take a few minutes to set the posing, take several shots, high five with happy smiles, jump back into the car and head to the next inspiring spot.

Sarah and I found the perfect spot while driving down a dirt road. We had no idea where it would lead. To our surprise, there was a creek and a path that led back into a private area where we spent the majority of our time because it was so so perfect and beautiful. We had our snacks, drank some bubbly and got to work deciding which wardrobe would work best in each little spot by the creek.

She was such a trooper. The water was ice cold and rocky and she walked through it like it was no big deal. She told me she grew up in the country and was used to being barefoot and I responded that I had grown up in the country as well, but I couldn’t stand that cold water or the rocks with my city-slicker feet. We took our time and enjoyed creating on the fly.

This actually happens a lot at Voulez Vous Boudoir. I believe in leaving room to just be in the moment and feel the vibe- it makes for some of the best moments in pictures.

In Sarah’s Words:

“The comfort level and the fun and the professionalism is definitely fire. I feel it is hard to thoroughly describe the adventurous, free spirited, I don’t even know, but I need a description for your level of awesomeness, LOL.”

Our last stop was along side a winding road laced with pine trees. We got out of the car and spent a few minutes deciding on which gown to use. I picked the spot, showed her a few posing ideas, and within 15 minutes we were back on the road- heading home at sunset.

We had three locations, several wardrobe changes, champagne to celebrate a job well done, and lots of giggles with stories to tell. If you make your way into Voulez Vous Boudoir studio for a photoshoot, I will tell you more stories that I won’t share here of all my destination shoots and the fun we have.

If you're interested in planning your own destination photoshoot with me, I have a list of photoshoot spots around our beautiful state, like:

Keystone lake

Beaver lake

Lake Tenkiller

Broken Bow

Illinois river (in Tahlequah)

& even right here at Tulsa's Turkey Mountain on a quiet weekday!

I'm always open to exploring new places as well. Select your favorite spot, email me at lana@lanathomas.com, and let’s hit the road (or even airways)!

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