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Sisters Weekend Retreat

October 5, 2020

“I took in Mila’s long, beautiful, silver curls, her captivating smile, and big blue eyes with those forever lashes- I was giddy to start the photoshoot…”I can’t remember the last time my sisters and I were all in one location at the same time. We rarely have time without children or spouses for just the three of us to catch up on a more personal level. I felt in my heart it was time to make this a priority.I hadn’t photographed Mila in many years. Now that we were all over the age of 50, it felt like it was time. I booked my flight to Greensboro, packed up several pieces of clothing from the studio, grabbed my camera gear and headed for North Carolina. The lull of the engine accompanied by white puffy clouds and gray skies drifted me into deep thought. Memories flooded my mind of our childhood, adult years, the families we created and just how much love we all had for each other.I felt sad that I hadn’t taken more portraits over the years, but I was going to make it happen now. The thought of the experience to come excited me.We had no plans for the 5 days we had together. The only thing on our agenda was to enjoy each other’s company on my sister’s 4 acres in her beautiful, cozy home.We made one stop at the grocery to load up on easy meal prep items and wine, then headed to our girl’s retreat.A huge tradition in our family is game nights (and days too). Let me tell you, I was beyond excited for this! Not because I win— ever— but for the pure joy, laughter and giggles that come from it all.On Saturday morning the skies were gray with bouts of rain on and off. Still in our PJs, we sat circled around the living room, giggling with cups of coffee as we talked of ideas, politics, religion, memories, and family. At 3:00 pm we decide it was time to start the party.While Mila sat in a chair getting her hair and make-up done by sister Sonja (aka Rene), I poured our first glass of champagne and made a toast. I took in Mila’s long, beautiful, silver curls, her captivating smile, and big blue eyes with those forever lashes- I was giddy to start the photoshoot.As I photographed her in a cozy brown chair, my mind flashed back to an image of Mila at 13 years old—a photo I always thought she looked so beautiful in.I saw the same beauty linger in her eyes that day. She was so beautiful and at ease in front of my camera. A natural.We played with different outfits, locations in the house and in the yard, and drank champagne while the rain came and went for hours.That evening, Mila and Sonja made dinner while I made cocktails and got the cards ready for our games. I continued taking pictures of our journey the rest of the weekend with my phone (yes, my phone.. lol).Sunday looked pretty much just like Friday, with just as much enthusiasm!We messaged and FaceTimed our brother, the youngest of us four, so he wouldn’t come down with FOMO while he was stuck quarantining at home. We missed him being with us in person, but we were all together in spirit.That long weekend with my sisters is one I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I’m overwhelmed with pure love & joy knowing I’ll be able to give my sisters the beautiful gift of portraiture. That means everything to me.

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