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Why Women Do Boudoir

July 5, 2022


Over the years I've learned there are so many reasons that women stand in front of my lens wearing next to nothing. Each person brings a unique story that led them to my studio. It's an honor to be the photographer capturing each person's vulnerable moments of beauty and a privilege when women are equally vulnerable in sharing that story.

Lauren shared what led her to do a boudoir session at Voulez Vous in her words, shared below:


"I am mainly doing a boudoir shoot for my fiancé (Casey), but I am also doing it for myself because I have worked really hard at loving my body."

"Overall, this entire shoot is out of my comfort zone. I have struggled with body image issues all my life, but being with Casey and feeling his love has been life changing and while I want to do this for him, I think it is an even bigger step toward proving to that I am beautiful- flaws and all."

"Casey typically says he loves my eyes, smiles and my “ASSets”… I prefer lace and I feel Casey like leather. (Classic Stevie Nicks and Don Henley am I right?!)"

"I get most of my joy when spending time with my people. I feel my most confident or most myself when I am with them. We could be doing anything or nothing and just being with them makes me feel centered and balanced."

"I think my overall hope for this shoot’s description would be equal parts ‘fun and flirty’ and ‘seductive and spicy’. I love the fun laughing and teasing shots, but then... evening it out with some more moody shots."

- Lauren Esselman

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